Business Writing Training

Every email, report, or presentation tells a story.

Whether you want to elevate the effectiveness of sales proposals or make employee communications more engaging, StoryStudio Words for Work will deliver a training program to meet your organization’s needs, so your employees and leaders can develop lasting, superior skills in business writing.

Our learning programs provide a powerful mix of writing instruction, story craft, individual feedback, and advanced editing and revision—as well as group exercises that help teams work better together.


Workshop: Business Writing Essentials
Duration: 3-6 hours, may be customized, delivered onsite or online

We’re not talking about grammar and punctuation. We’re talking about communicating the right business message in a concise and clear manner.

Workshop: Email Magic
Duration: 3-4 hours, may be customized

Email is now the main form of business communications and it is vital that we keep our emails short, to the point, clear, compelling, and reader focused. In this workshop we teach practical strategies for writing more effective email messages and for always keeping our reader (or client) in mind.

Workshop: Creative Writing
Duration: 2-4 hours

Learning to write narratives about fictional characters or crafting stories from our lives is very effective in opening new pathways of creativity, energizing employees, and strengthening your team.

Workshop: Practical Grammar & Punctuation
Duration: 2-4 hours, may be customized

You don’t notice when it’s right, but you sure do notice when it’s wrong. Our writing mechanics classes are great fun and extremely practical. No parsing of sentences; just tips and tricks to writing clean sentences.

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Tell us about your learning objectives and we’ll map a plan to develop your people into expert business storytellers.