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kelsieThe Live Lit scene is exploding in Chicago and every night of the week you can participate in a performance series featuring fiction, flash fiction, personal narrative, essays, poetry, and writing we don’t even know how to categorize. Dozens of shows have sprung up in taverns, bookstores, and theaters that enable writers and performers of all skill levels to explore every style of performed original writing.

Want to be a part of it? Want to interact with your audience and see the immediate affects of your words? Want to feel the electricity of your words bringing energy to the crowd?

Here’s how to get started:


1.Take a class.

Register now for our next session of Live Lit: Intro to Performance, starting Wednesday, April 9th.

You can also find our live lit instructors teaching open genre writing classes like Techniques of Humor and Pop Culture, Politics, and Place: Writing for Change.

Photo by: Elizabeth McQuern

2. Check out a show. See our instructors and students in action at:

3. Submit your stories! Check out submission tips from our instructors.

1. Sign up for Open Mic. 2. Send a piece you’d like to perform in a featured performer slot to– Dana Norris (Story Club-How it works.)


Curators of well-run shows are extraordinarily busy. So if it’s the choice between somebody who’s seen the show/knows the drill and somebody – however well-meaning and enthused they might be – who requires an explanation of the show they’ve not been to, well that’s no choice at all. –Ian Belknap (Write Club- Want to Be in the Show?)


See a kates show. Laugh and have fun. Then ask me how to get on the kates booking list. I’ll send you this link and capture your email. The kates is an all female comedy show. If you are male ask me about other comedy shows I co-produce. Kelsie Huff (the kates)


Jen- Write Club


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